Hacking the Van

This is how I transformed my second-hand Peugeot Partner, into a cozy, comfortable and welcoming "home-on-wheels" Van.

I bought this car in France and for a couple of months I just used it the way it was - pretty much an empty box - spending the nights in my sleeping-bag, in the mountains...

image image

...but then, it became much more than that.


Some statistics

Working time: 2 weeks (after-work), or ~ 30 hours

Budget: ~ 150 euros

Hands: 2


Second-hand, from a garage sale.

  • drilling machine
  • screw drivers
  • extension cord
  • saw


All materials are second-hand, except the electricity convertor, screws and sticker.

  • wood - recycled from a supermarket
  • screws
  • hinges - for the table
  • boxes
  • metal wire
  • textile wire
  • sticker - wood texture
  • carpet
  • textile for curtains
  • bed sheets & pillows
  • camping gas tank
  • Christmas lights
  • 12V to 220V electricity convertor
  • hooks

The conversion

1. I wanted my Van to be really cozy, so first, I decided to cover the walls in wood. Luckily, there was already a wooden board on the inside walls, so I just connected the new wood - to that one, with screws.


2. I constructed the furniture: a shelf and a table.


3. I added a sticker on the back wall (with a nice wooden texture), a carpet and curtains. It already looks much better.


4. I disasambled an old closet, and I used the doors to make a convertible bed. I added boxes underneath; they have two purposes: storage and support for the middle board.

image image

5. I cut foam and made custom-sized mattresses.

image image

6. Some lights, a gas-tank, comfy pillows and blankets, and the Van is ready!


Here are some more details..

image image image image image image

I believe any car can be converted into a home; all you need is a bit of imagination and some tools!

For more details, contact me at info@gratefulmood.com!